Well, Final Draft, you got me

Working on the Final Draft beat board to go over a series pilot, and I kept getting annoyed over things that you can find on Arcstudio Pro that are missing. So I went and looked, and a bunch of them are now available in the latest upgrade of Final Draft.

Now I actually like rewarding creative people who constantly work to improve, and I consider software development a creative exercise, so I don’t mind paying the upgrade fee, but I just wish that they’d roll out upgrades and features with a bit more regularity and embrace more robust support of story creation. By the way, Final Draft is not alone. It took Scrivener ages to upgrade their platform to do things that required using things like Onenote or corkboard apps to fill in the gaps.

Ultimately, it’s amusing in that everyone just wants the tool that works the way they work. That’s often an impossible challenge, so I’m thankful that my software is actually very close to that today.