Conan And Friends Podcast Tops 4,000 Downloads

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I don’t mention it very often, but when I began working with a Hollywood producer I started my own production company. That sounds more impressive than it is, trust me. What I basically did was just create a brand name as a name for various things that I would be involved with across multimedia. It’s called In Shambles Productions. One of the things I’m producing is a pulp fiction podcast that tells stories from the early twentieth century. It’s called Conan And Friends, and it just went over 4,000 downloads, which is a wonderful little achievement.

In Shambles is also producing my Thieves Guild podcast and my audiobooks, which I’ll be releasing in 2024. But for now I’m quite happy—4,000 downloads on the company’s debut podcast is a good start!

The Thieves Guild Shenanigans!

I’m very excited to have The Thieves Guild now on sale in all major bookstores in both print and ebook. This is the first book in an ongoing series. Book two, The Burning City, will be available in December, and book three will be available in the first half of next year.

My publisher, Broadsword Books, and I are actually doing something quite cool. Rather than release the audiobook immediately, we are going to release a free full cast audiobook podcast over the next half a year, with the audiobook available next Summer. But no need to wait for the audiobook! Just subscribe to The Thieves Guild podcast and listen to the book just like a serial from the thirties or via a magazine in the 19th century… one cliffhanger chapter at a time! The good news is that you won’t have long to wait for each chapter, as they are released twice a week. In fact, you can listen to them right here: