Feature Screenplay Completed

Final Greenlights Challenge Banner (273 X 273 Px) (banner (landscape)) (1200 X 400 Px)

I put the finishing touches on my most recent feature screenplay. Entitled Not Hurt, it is what in the industry is called a contained movie. Contained means that it is limited in terms of characters and setting, leading to a much lower budget for the final film. In this case I wrote the screenplay specifically for the Roadmap Writers Greenlights Challenge. The rules for the challenge are no more than five characters, and no more than five locations.

As you can imagine, writing a feature screenplay with only five settings and five characters is not easy, but I found the challenge interesting and enjoyable. We’ll see how it does. Next up is writing my fictionalized account of Juan Carlos Garcia’s life, which will be based on the screenplay I have already written.